It is super easy to buy a domain & to host it and later on install WordPress. Once you install WordPress on your domain and configuring the essential WordPress setting to make it SEO friendly, you need to add the extra bit of functionality to your blog. And for that, you need these 11 essential WordPress Plugins you might install on your blog.


And the reason for just these 11 essential WordPress plugins for your blog because there is a huge list of active plugins to make the life of a blogger easy. But to choose the right ones which are imperative for your blog is the key to success and make your blog looks great and impressive.

Use of the plugins in the blog may change with the needs, features, and type of niche you are into. That’s why I am giving you the list of 11 must have WordPress Plugins for your blog that every blog might use. And all these plugins are either free or freemium (means Free with basic features + Premium with advanced features).

So now let’s move on the list of 11 essential WordPress Plugins for 2017.

Best Security WordPress Plugin

After the installation of WordPress on your domain, the first thing that you have to think about is to the security as these days more and more blogs or websites are getting hacked and put to sudden death by hacking your blog’s login details. As per Forbes 30,000 websites got hacked each day, so it is paramount to stay safe from the hacking attacks. And that’s why just after creating a WordPress blog and making necessary settings installing the best security WordPress plugin is the must.

WordFence is the best freemium plugin to make your WordPress secure and safe from cyber hacking. This plugin not only sends the email alerts to you when someone made changes to your files and folders, but it also alerts you when any fake or suspicious login attempt to your blog or website is made.

You can also block the suspicious IP’s that try to login to your site.

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Best BackUp WordPress Plugin

Till now WordPress settings are configured by you, and it is made secured by the Wordfence security plugin. But what about taking the backup of your whole WordPress. It is crucial to take the backup of your entire WordPress blog before making any changes to it.

UpdraftPlus is one such freemium plugin that will help you to make the backup of your blog within few minutes. The backup taken can be very useful, and if you ignore it, then you should be ready to lose all your data. Without a backup plugin installed on your blog could be lost forever and you will be repenting later on.


UpdraftPlus is easy to use with a simple interface, and it also gives you the scheduling feature that helps to take or restore the backup at your best schedule time. The moment you start the backup process, within the moments the whole backup will be done, and an instant email will be sent to your email ID associated with the plugin.

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Best Performance WordPress Plugin

As per KissMetrics study, 47% of the viewers expects a web page to load in 2 seconds or less and a delay of 1 second (3 seconds of the wait) can kill the viewers by 16%.

So by the above numbers, you can judge yourself how important it is to make the website’s or blog’s performance faster. And to help you make your WordPress, there are many performance plugins out there. But the best among the best is W3 Total Cache plugin that will help your blog to perform at a faster rate by removing the elements that slow down your site.


W3 Total Cache improves the performance of your server by caching every aspect of the blog and thereby reducing the download times.

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Best SEO WordPress Plugin

As per the data analysis from HostingFacts, around 2.9 billion people visit the websites daily through search engines. Besides this daily 2.7 million blog posts are published. So just to make your blog’s presence felt in the search engines, you have to choose the best SEO WordPress Plugin on your blog.

And for this, there is no one better than the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin has the official stats of around 40,873,532 downloads till date, and it is growing day by day. Apart from this, it has the 4.8 – star rating given by more than 10,410 viewers.


Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is not only the best SEO plugin, but it also guides you as an author of a blog or website to write the SEO friendly and quality content. It tells you how well you writes the content and what are the possibilities of the post to get ranked in the search engines. This plugin is developed by the SEO experts and not by someone who knows how to develop the plugins.

Just install this plugin on all your WordPress blogs or websites, and it will keep your blog away from all the SEO related inconvenience.

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Best Spam Protection WordPress Plugin

When you start to write on your blog the only thing that you likes to see other than traffic is the comments from your viewers. Comments on a post or your blog are what makes you cheer up as it is the indication that you are getting the response from your viewers.

But what if you are getting all the spammy or labored comments on your blog. It will not only ruin your blog but also your hard work for writing such a marvelous piece of content. So just to keep your blog away from the spammy or fake comments just activate the Akismet plugin.


Here I said to activate the Akismet plugin because it is developed by the team of WordPress and it comes pre – installed with the new WordPress installation. So this is the best Spam Protection WordPress plugin out there. It blocks all the spammy comments which are not suitable for your blog in any way.

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Best Contact Form WordPress Plugin

If you have a real good audience on your blog, then there might be very high chances that someone will try to contact you soon for some help, questions, suggestions, or deal of some kind. Then how will they try to communicate with you or how will they get in touch with you? There comes the need of the best contact form WordPress plugin that is simple to use and give you the desired results.

Contact Form 7 is one such plugin that has more than 3 billion active installs and has a rating of 4.6 – star provided by more than 1200 people. This plugin is easy to use and has a simple user interface. All you need to do is just to install it and check the places where on a WordPress you want to show it.

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Best Image Compression WordPress Plugin

When you are seriously into blogging, there are huge numbers images that will be published on your blog. The more the number of the pictures the more will have the load on the server. And the more will be the burden on the server the slower will be the blog. So it is very necessary to compress the size of every image that you add to your blog.

And to do this one by one every time by yourself is not a splendid idea or it will be a time – consuming thing. So here comes the best Image Compression WordPress plugin for your blog which is named as WP Smush. This plugin will compress the picture size in the background whenever you add a new photo to the blog’s media.


And hence the site will be on a faster side with WP Smush takes care of the image compression each time you add a new one to your blog post.

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Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Till now you have a blog and installed some major plugins. Also, you write down a quality content but what after that? Don’t you want it to be seen by the people right away after you published it? There comes the help from the best Social Sharing WordPres Plugin which is known as SumoMe.


This plugin is a one stop for many features. SumoMe not only helps your blog or blog post to get shared by many peoples over the Social Sites but also gives you features like News Letter, List Builder, Content Analytics, Heat Maps, and many more other features.

It is the most talked social sharing plugin for WordPress these days. This plugin has more than 100,000 active installations and has the 4.4 – star rating given by the people used or installed it on their blogs.

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Best User Experience WordPress Plugin

Think you have got everything right, the SEO plugin, social sharing plugin, the site is fast, you have a huge number of visitors traffic flowing to your blog daily. But have you ever thought about how will your viewers react or respond when they land on a link that is broken?

How many customers or audience you will lose by just a silly broken link that leads to a broken page which doesn’t exist on your blog? Then came the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin to rescue you from this problem. As per Google, you need to check your site or blog on a regular basis for the broken links and then remove or repair them.


So you have to install this splendid plugin that will check every single post of your blog and every single link on your blog and then detects the broken link and notifies you if there is any broken link.

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Best Redirection WordPress Plugin

The above – mentioned plugin will tell you about the broken links so that you can repair them. But what if the whole article will be deleted from your blog or you tried to write the new permalink for your old post? Then the user will land on a page that is not there. In that case, you need to redirect the old permalink of the page/post to the new one.

And there comes the need of the best Redirection WordPress plugin which is known as Redirection. This plugin is capable of self – detecting the 301 errors and move them to the new one. Besides this, it also keeps the record of the 404 error logs. You can redirect any permalink t the new one manually too.

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Best Guest Post WordPress Plugin

Now when your blog is getting the huge number of visitors, and you are also getting the high amount of response from the viewers, there will be some people (fellow bloggers) who want to write the guest post, or you might be interested in accepting guest post on your blog.

Then rather than let everyone use your WordPress dashboard as an editor or admin you can pick the best guest post WordPress plugin named User Submitted Post. This plugin let you generate a form just like the contact form plugin, and then all you need is to place the code in the Guest Post Page of your blog, and that’s it.

User Submitted Post plugin will help you to add the fields that you want the author of the post to get filled before submitting the guest post to your blog.

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Wrap up

There are many plugins that will provide you the additional features to make your blog looks great and impressive but the above – mentioned plugins are the best one for a newbie blogger. The need for the plugin also changes as per the niche of the blog or the extra feature that you need.

WordFence – It is the best security plugin that will secure your blog from the hackers.

UpdraftPlus – This plugin will backup your database and sends you the email when the backup will be taken.

W3 Total Cache – It is the best plugin to give your blog the high – speed performance by removing the unnecessary elements.

Yoast SEO – This plugin will take care of the SEO of your blog and will guide you to write the quality content.

Akismet – It is a pre – installed plugin from WordPress team, and it will keep the spammy comments aways from your blog.

Contact Form 7 – This is the best contact plugin that you will find, and it helps the viewers to communicate with you.

WP Smush – It is the best image compression plugin that will compress the picture every time you add it to the WordPress.

SumoMe – For the social sharing feature on your blog this plugin is the best.

Broken Link Checker – It will check, detect and tells you about the broken links in your whole blog.

Redirection – This plugin will help you to redirect all the 301 errors and 404 error pages of your blog to the desired pages/posts.

User Submitted Post – It is a plugin that will help you to accept guest post on your blog quite easily.

There are the countless number of plugins in WordPress but the list of 11 essential WordPress Plugins you might install on your blog is here, and these plugins can give your blog a new and entirely different feel.

In case I missed some plugins that are very much necessary for a newbie blog then please do mention them. It will be great to know, and it will also be a big help to some of the newbie bloggers out there looking for the best WordPress plugins.

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