On Thursday, YouTube’s vice president of product management Ariel Bardin stated in a blog post that “For the minimal impact on our would-be YouTubers, we are making the threshold to 10k view to display an ad and earn money from it.” And that is why I am here with the 17 influential ways to get 10,000 YouTube views & earn money after YouTube changed the ads policy.

It’s on Thursday that Google takes the action to stop showing ads on the YouTube Channels with less than 10,000 views. The reason behind this change in the ad policy is to stop the stealing of content from the other sources. The 10,000 views are the threshold so that YouTube can have a sneak – peak that your YouTube Channel is working as per its terms and conditions or not.


For the newbie YouTube Creators, 10,000 views are too much the Vice President of product management at YouTube Ariel Bardin has some other thoughts on this. He wrote in the blog post that “Today, YouTube is the livelihood of many creators and they are increasing day by day.”

It’s due to the stealing of content on YouTube that leads to the suspension of the contracts by 250 companies and in this way Google can lose up to $750, as per the analyst’s prediction.

In the blog post, Ariel Bardin also added up that “once your YouTube channel gets a lifetime 10,000 views, YouTube will check the channel’s activity and if everything is as per the T&C then ads will be served to that channel as per the YPP.”

So now here comes the tricky part how to get ads shown on your channel and for that I bring you the 17 influential ways to get 10,000 YouTube views & earn money after YouTube changed ads policy.

Now let’s move to the ways that will help you to gain the 10,000 channel views fast and easy.

Brand Appearance

Brand Appearance is the first thing that any of the startup needs. No matter whether you are starting up a company, a store, a website, a blog, or a YouTube channel, it needs a brand reputation. So before starting a YouTube channel always create a branded logo, profile pic, and banner image for your new channel.

As soon as you have all these images for your channel just create a channel and add these to their respective places and then you just need to follow the remaining ideas mentioned below.

Plan and Script

Before creating a YouTube channel, you need to plan the idea. It’s not just a channel but it will be your livelihood very soon if you want so.


o just don’t follow any of the trends like comedy or memes. Just do what you want to do or what you are good at, it will help you in long run. After you planned your channel niche then start creating the video for that. After you are done with the video shooting or creation just prepare a script for it.

Planning a script will help you to stay focused on your content and make your video more bounded to your audience. A well – written script just holds you on the track of your video and don’t let you fall somewhere else off the topic.

High – Quality Content

In the field of earning money online, Content is always the King. So you can’t compromise on the quality of the content. It’s the quality content that will earn you the long term visitors and subscribers. Be unique with your videos and make them the quality videos always by using the best camera or gadget to shoot the video.

As per the Facts Slides, every day more than 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube and almost one – third of the people over the internet are the YouTube users. Many are out there who just steal the videos and then repost them making some amendments to the content. So just try to be unique and original, this will never let you down in the long run.

Accurate File Name

Whenever you start to upload a video on your YouTube channel, the first thing you need to do is to name the file accurately. There is no point to use a file name DCSVideo_3456.mp4 in a video about how to use a pogo – stick video.

So always try to use the keywords as the file name for your video that you are going to upload.

Which means you should name the file as “how to use pogo stick.mp4” instead of the raw file name which is something awkward like “Cam_Video_4724.mp4” not only it don’t make any sense but its also not good to be used as the file name without a keyword.

It is always best to add your main focused keyword in your video file name.

Awesome Titles

Then comes the titles and they always need to be awesome. Write some catchy headlines for your YouTube videos that people will click out of curiosity. Drop the idea of writing “video” in the title of your video and don’t forget to add the focusing and supportive keywords in your title.

Always give the audience an idea of what they are going to see in the video and never play with them using false titles. Also, never make the title to descriptive that it will go beyond the real title length.

Always try to use the keyword research tool like Google Keyword Planner to see what people are searching or watching on YouTube.

Great Video Description

Titles are not the only part of YouTube SEO, the video description is another part of it. It is very important to use your main keyword in the video description in such a way that it make sense. Don’t use the keywords very often and unnecessarily.

Don’t overwrite your video descriptions as it is very important when it comes to search queries. Your viewer will have a look at the description of the video when he makes a search for it and falls on your video link. So make it short and simple with a sneak peak of the video what it is all about.

Never try to be over smart and use the same description now and then or don’t try to do the keyword stuffing as it will harm your channel very soon.

If necessary, try to give a link in the description to your blog or any channel you are collaborated with.

Proper Meta Tags

Just another SEO part here is the use of proper meta tags for your video. Once again try the keyword research tool and have a look at the keywords that can be used as an alternative to your video title and use them in your video’s meta tag. In this way, you are gaining the chances of getting searched by the people either by the title or by the tags too.

So just discover the best keywords for the meta tags and use them but once again play safe and don’t overdo the use of meta tags. The overuse of tags or keywords will hit your channel hard and you will be left repenting on your foolishness.

Also, don’t follow the tactics that many low – quality YouTube creators do i.e. don’t copy paste the tags from your competitors now and then. Instead just discover your own keywords to use as the meta tags for your video.

Custom Thumbnail

Don’t just confine to the randomly generated thumbnails for your video. Try out the different and classy thumbnails of your own. The custom thumbnail is something that you need to use and make the appearance of your video superb.

The combination of a well written compelling headline and custom thumbnail will help the click through rate (CTR) of your video. You can also add some text called annotation to your custom thumbnail that makes the users understand what the video is all about.


Have you ever seen the pop-ups during a video on the top or bottom of the video those are called the annotations? They are really helpful if taken into consideration properly. They can help your viewers to stay for long on your channel as the annotation is a call to action button and it links one video to another. In that way, the user will be driven to your more and more videos and will get you more chance to earn well.


The annotation linking of the videos will be very good if you use it wisely, don’t annoy the user with too much of annotation in a single video. Annotation is a boon for the YouTube creators don’t make it forfeit by the excessive use.

Try out to link the videos similar to the once the viewer is viewing and then this annotation feature of YouTube will help you in a better way.

Intro and Outro

After the brand image for our YouTube channel in the profile image, banner image and logo you need some more branding. Intro here stands for the introduction part of your video and it will be played each time in the beginning of a video.

Outro stands for the ending part of your video and it will be played every time a video ends. So it is very important to brand your video with the intro and outro part. This will make each of your video a professional one. There are many free tools that will let you create an intro and an outro for your YouTube videos.

But if you don’t find them attractive you can create one yourself or spend a small amount of money for it, after all, it will make your YouTube channel or video look like professional.

Encourage the Audience

Always try to end the video on a high note. Make the ending of the video a memorable one and leave the user with the surprise that what your next video will bring. Also, at the end of the video encourage the audience to Like, Comment your video, and mainly subscribe to your Channel.

It is all up to you as you have to ask the viewers to like and comment on your video if they like it. Also, let them know that they have to subscribe the channel too if they like the video and want to get the notifications when the future videos will be uploaded by you.

More will be the subscriber more will be the chances of getting huge views on each of your videos.

Social Sharing

As per the stats from Brand Watch, there are more than 3.17 billion social media users across the globe. And every internet user might have at least five social media accounts. Every day around 1 million active mobile users are joining the social media platforms.

So the above stats are enough to make you realize that sharing is caring. It is very essential these days to share your newly added content to the various social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Reddit are the leading social media platforms but that doesn’t mean that you should forget others.

In this age where social media is at the top, you should share your video to all the social media sites as soon as you publish them. Also, it will add the value to your brand image if you are present there on almost most of the social media platforms.

You can even use the advertisement process on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Ads.

With too many shares, likes, and comments on the social media sites the social signals count for your video will increase and this will help your video discoverable in the search engines.

Good Uploading Frequency (Consistency)

After uploading your first video don’t just sit back and relax. Try to plan out the next video as soon as possible. Google always like the fresh, viral, and latest content. So try to upload often with the unique video always. I know this is not easy to make/shoot a video in a few hours or days. Sometimes it takes a week or even months to crack an idea and then deal with it and finally shoot it perfectly.


But you have to make it a habit of uploading a video as fast as you can. The YouTube subscribers always hate a channel if it is not producing the videos quite often. And once you are known for the consistency then keep that up forever. Which means that if you upload a video very week then try to upload one every week not delay it most by one day from the actual schedule.

Interaction with Audience

Don’t just bound to ask the viewers to like and comment videos and just to subscribe to your channel only. You need to interact with your audience because the audience is the god to us. It is all due to the presence of the audience that I am blogging here and you are reading it out. Similar will be the case with your YouTube channel, it will grow and keep on growing only if you are satisfying the need of the audience.

So you need to interact with them in the comments. Answer their queries, solve their problems and consider their requests.

Though there might be some badass people too who will just there to make some obscene comments or the other way but just leave the and ignore them, all you need to do is to stay connected to your loyal fans. Loyal fans are those who are asking you for some help, who are there with some questions, problems or even suggestions for your channel. Listen to them. Care for them and they will love it and will care for your YouTube channel.


Collaboration is the easy part somewhat but not totally. All you need to do is to find the best channels related to your niche and then just invite them to get collaborated. If the best in the industry doesn’t give you the opportunity then go for the rising/developing channel. Then you just need to make a guest appearance in their videos and in return, they will make a guest appearance in your videos.

This is both a win – win situation as both of you share your fan base and that will add extra subscribers and views. You can’t only collaborate with the channels that are like yours but you can also collaborate with those who are providing solutions of your products.

For example, if your channel is about the new laptops and you find a channel with the laptop repairs then you two can collaborate with each other and give the guest appearance to each others channel.


Blogging is growing very fast these days. And you can also take the advantage of it as it will help your rankings in the search engines. Try to write a blog post about each of your video in detail and you can also add the more tips on the topic. After then you need to embed your YouTube video in that blog post of your and it will help you out to rank faster in the search engines.

With this, if someone is searching for any query in Google and it will show the blog post result of your but not the YouTube channel video then you will be benefited by the presence of the blog post as there is your video embedded in it too. So the user will get both the blog post and the video for the answer to his/her query.


A giveaway is also a better option for your viewers. In return for their regular engagement to your YouTube channel, you can give away something to them. The users will love it and will always be eager to have a look at the next video.

You can also run a contest for the giveaway and then decide the winner and give him a special gift which might be a shirt, a watch, or something related to your niche with your logo printed on it. This idea will also advertise your brand when the winner of the contest or giveaway will use that gift.

Wrap Up

Google tried to stop the ads on the YouTube channels with less than the 10,000 views and everybody is negative about it. But keeping that negativity aside, I gave you the 17 influential ways to get 10,000 YouTube views & earn money after YouTube changed ads policyLet me wrap up the things in a quick succession for you.

  • Brand Appearance – Get the profile pic, banner image and logo ready before starting the channel.
  • Plan and Script – Plan the channel niche and always keep the script ready for each of your video.
  • High – Quality Content – Content is the king and you need to be unique with ideas without compromising the quality.
  • Accurate File Name – Use the file name with the keyword in it and not the random file name.
  • Awesome Titles – Use the compelling titles with the keywords in it.
  • Great Video Description – Put your keyword in the description and don’t overdo that by keyword stuffing.
  • Proper Meta Tags – Use the meta tags properly but in limited numbers and use the matching tags not copy them from competitors video.
  • Custom Thumbnail – use the custom thumbnails not the randomly generated one by YouTube.
  • Annotations – Use the call to action button called annotations to link the one video to other.
  • Intro and Outro – Use the intro in the beginning of each video and outro at the end of each video, it will add the professional look to your videos.
  • Social Sharing – Try to share out your videos across most of the social media platforms as soon as you upload a video on your channel.
  • Encourage the Audience – In the end of the video, always encourage the viewers to like or comment on your video and to subscribe to your channel.
  • Good Uploading Frequency – Try to post the video to your channel on the regular basis and follow the consistency of the schedule.
  • Interaction with Audience – Try to interact as much as you can with the audience and try to solve their problems and answer to the queries.
  • Collaboration – Collaborate with the channel similar to your niche and increase the fan base for both the channels.
  • Blogging – Start a blog where you can post in detailed about the topic of your video and never forget to embed the video in the blog post.
  • GiveAways – Try to run a contest where the winner will be awarded a gift with your brand logo on it.

So these are the 17 influential ways to get 10,000 YouTube views & earn money after YouTube changed ads policyThe problem is everywhere but all you need is to overcome it with a solution and to get the 10,000 threshold views you have to increase your channel reputation by above ways because it is better to find a solution than repenting over the loss.

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    • Yes Fatkul, there is a lot of negativity among the newbie YouTube creators from when the changes are made to the YouTube’s ads policy. But there is always a bright ray of hope in everything and that’s what I brought forward if the beginners maintain the quality then there will never be an issue for a newbie to get those 10,000 views very soon.

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