How difficult you find to write an article which you can say a Quality Content that stands out? It is quite a thinkable topic that makes your blog to be prominent among the several others. And that’s why I am here with the 9 marvelous elements to make your article a Quality Content that stands out.


Quality Content is the only thing that you are concern about after installing WP, making WP SEO friendlyinstalling essential plugins, and making your blog a secure fortress. Now is it enough to be a quick, resourceful, and visionary writer to write down an impressive piece of content? Is it enough and can convert well for you to take your blog or article to the top of the Google searches?

Here I will tell you how you can write a quality content and what a quality content means. Quality is always preferred over the quantity. That’s the reason why everyone is running behind the quality content. But there very few who knows the real meaning of the quality content. Every day your competitor is writing the content related to your niche.

Then how can you make your content natural and totally refreshed?

Blogging is now totally to a new level where just writing a piece of content is not enough. Everybody is doing blogging these days. Now it’s something different as

Users produce about 76.9 million new posts and 41.4 million new comments each month – WordPress

So if that much content is shared or produced daily only via WordPress CMS then what will be the possibility of original content. If you ar are just writing the random piece of content without any efforts, then that is not going to convert either for you or for your blog in any way. By this, the only thing you are doing is wasting your time and energy nothing else.

So that is why I am here putting some efforts to give you the perfect 9 marvellous elements to make your article a Quality Content that stands out.

What is a Quality Content?


Before proceeding to the major part let me introduce you to what is a quality content?

Type anything into Google, and it will bounce back with the search results regarding that search term. So the obvious idea is that there is hardly anything that is not available on the internet or we can say Google. So there is minimal or no chance of your content being fully fresh.

You may have heard people saying write new content or write something that is never there on Google. But this is a myth. There are close to 0% chances that Google will not give you the result of anything that you are searching for. Though you may find the wrong information or fake numbers, but there is always an info.

So what quality content means is to know the real numbers, right info, put them together with some research work and then write it down in your words. This type of content is called the quality content. But still, the quality content is not that much perfect that it can amaze your readers or viewers.

Now it’s time to have a look at the major highlight of the whole topic i.e. 9 marvelous elements to make your article a Quality Content that stands out.

Viral Quality Content


Above I mentioned what is meant by a Quality Content, but it will be much benefited if you are writing a Viral Quality Content. A viral content needs to be written with exceptional care and with some research work. Viral content not only gives you the audience but also tells you how the researched piece of content gives your site the long term visitors.

Google loves the latest and quality content, the content that is fresh and it also gives your blog a huge amount of traffic in a short span. But remember it is not easy to go out and write a viral content. It needs proper research work, putting the right figures and facts out there in front of your visitors.

Viral content is of two types-

  1. Negative Viral Content
  2. Positive Viral Content

And the past studies shows that the positive content goes more viral than the negative one. The more amused or inspiring your content is more will be the chances that the viewers will click it and share more. So all you need to do is to give some time to do research. Then find out a few sources and then stitch a proper content with right in depth information, figures, and facts then write down in your own simple but meaningful words.

Irresistible Headings


Here comes the best part of making the content stand out among the others. Make the title of your blog post irresistible, compel the viewers to click on it. And then the quality of your content that you prepared with in – depth knowledge about the topic will give your viewers a great source of information, and they will love to share it with the fellow peoples or the entire world via the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Do you know that case studies shows that the 80% of people will click on your blog post just by reading the headline only? While there are only remaining 20% will click and go for the content.

That is why the compelling and irresistible headlines are the backbone of a blog post on which the whole quality content depends. What if you have an amazing content put together but an atrocious headline ruin all your traffic to that piece of work. As stated above, only 20% of the people will have a lock on it and rest 80% will move on seeing the lousy headline.

So try to make an irresistible headline be the part of a quality content and then just have a bombastic real – time and overall visitor to that blog post.

Write Differently


Are you the only one in the industry who knows how to write down a piece of content?

The straightforward answer is NO…

Almost everybody who is into this industry of blogging knows how to write content. Not only who is in this industry but even a school going child knows how to write an article. What do you need to write a content?

Just a working laptop (for bloggers, not school-going children as they need pen/pencil and notebook 😛 ), your hands on the keyboard and basic knowledge of the language in which you are going to write. That’s all one needs to write an article. There is nothing different in that.

So just stand out from the crowd and make your identity. Write differently, make your way of introducing the things, giving them the shape and then closing it in the end.

It’s not easy to be unique and different but all I want to say is to start writing in your own way, and soon people will start copying you 🙂 Sometimes people only take the negative in a negative thing but just play around with the research and then find out what is positive in it. Then just write the positive aspect of that negative thing and in that way you can be unique too.

Short and Straight to Point


It is always better to separate the fluff from the cotton. What that means is it is always best to be short and straight to the point. I know it will make the blog post short, but you have to try to give in depth knowledge to the user.

Let me clear that by short I mean a brief article that doesn’t give the useless knowledge or information to the visitor or viewer.

For example, you are viewing an article on essential plugins for your WordPress blog, but you find out that the author is playing with the words to make it long. What will happen to you? You will leave the site within a few seconds of reading.

Same may be the case with your blog post too. So it is quite important to be short and straight to point. You can give a brief intro of your article and then just come straight to the point and give your viewers the info they are looking for. It is hard to write a short and to the point content compared to a long article where you play with words and keep stretching it long and long.

Word Counts don’t matter, what matters is the accuracy and honesty while writing for the viewers, not for the search engines. Because if you are writing for the viewers, then you will automatically going to be ranked in search engines.

Accuracy and Honesty


If you are looking for the review of a product and you lands on a blog post with fake numbers and facts what will be your reaction after buying that product?

The answer for me is Disgusted.

That’s why you needs to be genuine, accurate, and honest with your viewers. They are the blood of your blog, if there will be no audience on your blog, then it will be dead. So always give the right information to them. I know it is time – consuming but you need to have a well – performed research, cross – checking your facts and figures. Then put them in your quality content and give your end users the best and accurate info.

Similar is the case when you write down a review of any of the product. Don’t give the wrong or half knowledge to your viewers for just earning a referral income from them when they buy the product. Take them your regular visitor and think about that one of your clear, accurate, and honest suggestion will give you the returning viewers forever.

Regarding case studies, it is quite easy to brag and tell the world about your success. But it is very hard to tell the people about your failures. Tell your viewers, the wrong decisions you made in the past, the dangerous products you choose, the shady tactics you use to be on the top. How you cope with the bad times?

And then they will come to know what not to be done for achieving the success in a short span. Failures tell the better story for attaining the success than a success story. Always remember, failure is the first step of success.

Use proper Images or Videos


Till now you have done everything perfectly. You write a quality content, gave it a compelling headline, wrote it in your way and to the point, accuracy and honesty are there. But what about the images or videos?

It is always better to read a book with the pictures rather than a book without any picture. And all of us are aware of the famous saying

A picture is worth a thousand words…

So you have to include the proper images to your article that is related to your piece of content. Not only it creates the interest of the viewers, but also it makes the piece of content look better.

And if you are selling something on your site or blog then, if possible do embed a video of that product in your content. As per the studies over the past, it is found that only 20% of the users will read your whole content while 80% will watch the video.

Also, it is found that the 96% of the people who send the emails to their subscribers attaching a video in it receives a visit from them. A post with a video has the 50% more chance of making it to the top of the search engines. Apart from this, with a video in the article, a visitor will spend 2 minutes more on the blog, and the rate of buying the product increases to 64%.

Power of Infographics


This is the easiest thing that can rank your content in the search engines and make it viral if done properly. But the other side it is a difficult task to do. But there are tools available online that helps you to just copy the image add the content and create a fantastic infographic.

And you can’t deny the power of infographics in the modern era of blogging. Here I am mentioning some of the points which describe the power of infographics in your content.

  1. 53% of the user engage more dynamically to the content or stats shown via infographics.
  2. An infographic increases the traffic to a site by 12%.
  3. More than 32% of the internet or digital marketers reckon using infographics make the post more relevant.
  4. 87% of the viewers like to read the text written on the infographics.
  5. The production of infographics is increasing by 1% daily.

So from the above data, you can understand the power of infographics in this modern blogging era.

Answer and Communication


Just writing a perfect piece of content is enough to get your blog post or site ranked in the search engines. But what about the viewers, what about the queries, their comments, and their emails? If you have a fabulous piece of content as an article, but you are not responding to the comments or emails of your viewers, then they will not be returning back again and again to your blog.

It is imperative to engage with the audience and to reply each of their comments and emails because without them your blog is nothing. And just responding to the comments or emails is not the thing, people want the results fast so try to give the replies as fast as you can.

If you are leaving the audience with a question at the end of an article, then it is also your duty to give them the replies as per their queries.

Regular Updates

It is quite easy to start a blog but to keep it up to date is what you should maintain. Google loves the blog that is regularly updated. So just sustain the calendar and update your blog regularly, twice in a week or at least once in a week. Make it a habit and then just entertain your viewers by a quality content.

Wrap Up

So all you need to do is to perform a proper research and then add those facts in your article. Here is a complete wrap up of what we discuss above-

  1. Viral Quality Content – A viral content with quality has the highest chances of getting ranked or clicked by viewers.
  2. Irresistible Headlines – A compelling headline attract 80% of the viewers, so try to create an awesome headline.
  3. Write Differently – Be different, try to develop your own way of writing a piece of content.
  4. Short and Straight to Point – It ‘s nice to be brief and to the point rather than writing a long article with useless info.
  5. Accuracy and Honesty – Be accurate with your fact and numbers, also be honest in reviewing a product on your blog.
  6. Use Images and Videos – Use the decent pictures in your content and embed a video if possible, it (video) helps to rank higher.
  7. Power of Infographics – People loves to read the content on an infographic and also it contributes to rank quickly.
  8. Answer and Communication – Always try to reply as fast as you can to the comments on your post or to the emails from your viewers.
  9. Regular Update – Update your blog daily as not only the viewers but also the search engines likes the regular updating blogs.

So this is all about the 9 marvelous elements to make your article a Quality Content that stands out. Hope they will help you to write quality content and get ranked on Google. In case you find some problems then feel free to comment below and ask out your query.

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  • Best! In the crowed of blogging one needs to blog about the areas of her/his expertise.

    Mix 2 -5 topics and place your brand in the market place.

    That’s how to be different.

    Writing short will suit the blog.

    • Yes, it is quite obvious that one has to choose the niche of blogging in which he is expert otherwise he/she will get bored very soon and don’t have to write anything in future on the blog.

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