My Story


My name is Anoop Bhandari; the mind and soul behind starting this website.

I am 27 years old and dwells in Sunder Nagar (a beautiful town in Himachal Pradesh, India).

I was born in Chami, a village in Tehri Garhwal, Uttrakhand and soon after that when I was two years old; I came to Slapper (another town in Himachal Pradesh)

And from there, I went to Sunder Nagar, and from last 24 years, I am living at this ravishing and enticing place.

I am a tech lover and love to write about the latest, leaked, rumored and upcoming smartphones on a few of my websites.

But I started this site to help out the newbie bloggers who are not doing well with their websites; nevertheless, they are putting the hard endeavors just like me and any other blogger.

I am here to help you to get motivated, get desired results and make money by succeeding with your websites.

I started blogging in 2012, soon after I completed my B.Tech in Electronics and Communication from Solan, Himachal Pradesh – based Green Hills Engineering College affiliated to Himachal Pradesh University.

Engineering was never my sort of taste, and I was in love with the computer and exploring various money making things online.

And after four years of graduation, I found the best way of making money online. The authenticity is something different; I got not only money but also the prominence and some fellow bloggers who helped me in my expedition till now.

And that fame and friends are more precious than money.

Schooling –

I studied at Sr. Sec. Model School Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh from class 1st to +2. During my early days, I was fond of playing and watching cricket.

Apart from that I was seeking the way to enter the Indian Army anyhow and want to serve my country, but before I could make to that age, I got my both hands fractured, and all doors were shattered for the entry to Indian Army when I was in class 8th.

Cricket was the second choice as a career in my mind. But my family can’t afford to pay the coaching fee every month. Somehow I managed to get a few trials and selected for them but never able to make it to the team all credits to some bad health.

College Life –

Then I moved towards the computer and there came the new ray of hope as I wanted to do something in IT field.
Somehow I got admission to college in Electronics and Communication. And here also cricket was the main priority, and it is only due to cricket I am famous among the college students, senior or junior but everyone knows me because of my cricketing skills.

And then I got thrashed in the 1st semester itself when I failed (or got backlogs) in half of the subjects, three total out of 6.

And then the scenario continued every semester, as I got backlog every six months, there was not a single semester when I got all clear result.

But somehow I managed to clear them all and complete my whole degree with just 58.58% marks. And I must admit or say I am not good in Engineering or studies anymore now, especially after 10th standard, don’t know why but I am not after that. That was my last time when I got 70% marks.

Blogging –

I was looking for the job after completing my graduation but didn’t find any. One day I got a job about SEO in 2012, and I said NO to that because I wanted (mainly my parents wanted me) to do a technical job related to my field and secondly because I don’t even know the full form of SEO.

Soon I met my college friend Prikshit Gangta who introduces me to the Blogging thing, and from then I never looked back. I got betrayed, I got Google hits, I got my first ever Adsense blocked. But I never give away learning and accepting my faults and keep hitting back hard.

And finally, I am here in front of you giving you some tips and tricks about Blogging.

I won’t say I am a Guru or master in Blogosphere but yeah I will share some of my tips and tricks to get rank, and I love to help newbie bloggers who find it hard to survive and sustain in this blogging world.

So just read and learn out some new things and if you know something that I don’t, please feel free to tell because I love to learn something new every day.

Through this new blog which is a house for the WordPress, Digital and Affiliate Marketing problems, I am going to make people aware how to earn money online via Blogging or by some other means of freelancing.