Comment Policy

We provide the best informative articles for you regarding your WordPress, Digital Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing problems. And after writing the reviews or any other post I love and enjoy to interact with all of you viewers. And I know almost all of you are an excellent reader and commentators. But still, some newbies will comment on any of the articles which need to know the comments policy of Blogging Vines.

And please keep it in mind that Blogging Vines has all the rights to make changes to the comment policy without any prior notice.

Spam Protection

This blog is protected by Akismet, and so it is hard to for any of the spam comment to get published here on Blogging Vines. But if still somehow the spammy comment passes the Akismet filter then we will delete that comment immediately.

Unwise Comments

Whenever you read a great article or review its good to thanks, the author and I appreciate your Thanksgiving. But if every one of you will start thanking the author in the comments it will lead to meaningless discussion. So try to avoid Thanksgiving and other complementary comments to the author. And also such comments may lead to the spam box and will get deleted in the process. So try to be a good commentator and write a comment related to the article or content.

Links in Comments

I am not against using the link in comment util they are related to the content, but this should not be done in excess. You can provide the link to your blog or any other blog if it is relevant to the content. But only one link per comment will be entertained. If you stuff the links in your comments uselessly, then the comment will be deleted as soon as the moderator sees it. Also, you are requested to not do your or your blog’s self – promotion or advertisement in the links.

Comments Moderation and Editing

All the incoming comments here on Blogging Vines are held for moderation and will be published as soon as I go through them and find them legitimate. So don’t try to submit your comment again and again if you don’t see it right away after posting. As it will be under review or moderation for some time.

We here at Blogging Vines have all the right to amend or edit your comments wherever and whenever needed. Don’t worry we will not change the meaning of the comment but we will edit if there will be any spelling mistake or grammatical error.

So the simple thought behind the Comment Policy here on Blogging Vines is that if we find your comment to be unwise, irrelevant or spammy, it will be deleted as soon as moderator see it.