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What is this new term that is suddenly making the noise in the blogosphere? Are you aware of this Cornerstone Content or not? How this Cornerstone Content helps in the ranking of your most valuable post?

Here is the full guide on “What is a Cornerstone content and 11 proven tips to write it just like a pro.” So this article is going to be a gem for you as you ar going to know a new term in blogging and how to do it like a pro.

A cornerstone content is also called as the most valuable post or the pillar post of your blog. Actually, it is a page, not a post. These type of content helps your blog to get noticed on the Google’s front page or in the eyes of the viewers via the social media traffic. This content is needed to be written with immense care.

It is not something that you write every day and publish on your blog. This type of content is the pillar article for your blog that drives in huge traffic and the decent amount of social signals.

Not only social signal but with such an article your blog can get some natural backlinks from top – tier authority blogs too. So a cornerstone content can do magic for your blog.

I had already written a few cornerstone content on my blog. Here are some of the articles from this blog of mine which are the example of the most valuable posts-

So these are three of my pillar posts on this blog of mine. The reason behind this blog is to give the viewers a detailed article about the phrase that they are searching for on Google. All of my blog posts have a detailed answer to the problems that you face in a day – to – day life of blogging.

So now let’s move to the main part of the article-

What is Cornerstone Content?


This is a new term but the motive is an old one. There are many definitions to this but let’s first know what the pro bloggers or the best in the industry say about this.

A cornerstone is basic, essential, indispensable, and the chief foundation upon which something is constructed or developed. It’s what people need to know to make use of your website and do business with you – Brian Clarke, Copy Blogger

While another expert from the industry explains it like this-

Pillar content: most topics have topics in them that could function as a pillar type article for your blog. By this, I mean topics that are central to your overall topic that will contain solid advice that you’ll be linking to again and again. Getting these types of posts written early is important as they’ll both show that you are tackling the important issues in your niche and they’ll give you something to point new readers to – Darren Rowse, Pro Blogger

And here is the third one from another one of the best in the business and a well – known face for many of you out there-

If you’ve created cornerstone content for your audience, then consider putting it in a one-click radar for your visitors. It’ll keep getting more traction from your new website visitors – Neil Patel

So what I have to say about this Cornerstone content is that it is nothing more than a detailed problem – solving post with the great amount of value and resources to the readers.

So now let me tell you the benefits of cornerstone content on your blog.

Benefits of Cornerstone Content


As I said, this pillar post is a detailed problem – solving article with some good resources and value added to it so it will help you bring something better and big for your blog.

So here are the benefits of most valued post-

  • New Readers- The most valued post on your blog gives the solution for a particular problem and that’s too in a detailed way. So there are tons of readers that flow in to read that pillar post on your blog and in this way you get many new readers for your blog.
  • Value to the post- When an article is written in detail it will definitely going to solve the problem and that brings the value to that blog post. Also, you are providing the immense resources in this post that return you a good value for this article.
  • Huge Social Signals- Generally most people tend to share the problem – solving articles both on social media sites or the forums and blogging community groups. And this practice by various people will lead to the better social signal counts for your pillar content post.
  • Google Rankings- As we all know what Google loves is the quality content so the most valued content with a problem – solving resources will definitely be a quality content. And that’s why your pillar post will always tend to fall on the front page of search engines (if written properly).
  • Natural Backlinks- With your blog post URL falling on the front page of Google and after reading the detailed problem – solving article everyone will love to have a link back to your blog post. And in that way, you will get the natural backlinks from a most valuable post on your blog.
  • Authority- When the natural backlinks will follow your blog post the chances are there that some of the high authority blogs will also give back a link to your post. And that is what will bring authority to your blog too. And also the huge numbers of the social signals and top ranking in Google and other search engines for most of the pillar posts will get make your blog an authority blog in no time.
  • Increased Subscribers Count- Tons of the new readers will be there and more and more will be coming from the Google’s front page search results or the social sharing done by the readers. There are high chances that many of the new readers will subscribe to your blog too and that will increase your blog subscription in no time.

So these are some of the benefits of cornerstone content on your blog. Now let me tell you how you can make your next article a most valued post. So now it’s time to tell you “11 proven tips to write a Cornerstone Content like a Pro.”

Tips to write a Cornerstone Content like a Pro

So after a brief introduction about the Cornerstone Content here I am with the best – proven tips to write a most valuable post just like a pro. By following these following steps you can meet the feat of writing the first ever pillar post if you don’t have on yet. And if you are writing those but not getting the results then maybe you can get some help here.

Keyword Research

The first-ever step to write a cornerstone content is to follow the basics of blogging. So you need to go for the keyword research first. You need to find out the latest and the fresh topic to write for your blog. Also, you have to check it out that the topic you choose should have the readers intent. So that people will love to search for that particular phrase in the search engines.


Try to look for the latest problems that people face and look for its solution in the search engines. Also, make it sure that you do the proper keyword research for a topic which is related to your blog’s niche. It’s of no use if you write irrelevant content from your blog’s niche. Irrelevancy from the niche of the blog will bring you the readers but they will not last for long.

So proper keyword research is needed with two-three synonyms phrases so keyword density can be maintained.

Real Facts/Figures

After you are done with the keyword research for your pillar content, you need to do another research for your content. And this time it will be researching the facts and the figures for your most valuable content.


If you are thinking that what is the need of the real facts/figures then there is a simple answer to that – stay loyal to your viewers. If you are providing the fake numbers and your readers will find out that some day they will never trust your words ever again.

And trust is like a mirror once broken it can’t be same again. So just spend some time to find out the real facts and figures then put them together in your article and your readers will love it.


A clickable headline is always needed for quality content. The headline of a post is what 80% of the people think about and click on that. There are only 20% of the people who are interested only in the content.


So if 80% people only open your post just because of its perfect headline then you can easily understand the importance of an awesome headline for your cornerstone content.

The headline should tell the readers what they will get and it also needs some adjectives that will impress the viewers. Always try to use the keyword in the title of your post and try to add an adjective that suits well with it so that the search engine bots can also understand what the article is about.


Now if I said that 80% of the people will read your article’s heading only then that doesn’t mean that you can write crap or copy-paste or spun content in the body of the article. Show your creativity and write an article which has the solution to the problem of your readers.


Write the quality content with the keyword phrase in it. Never stuff your article with hell lots of keywords instead try the variants or the synonyms but try to write it naturally. Put your real facts/figures there in the content. People loves to read the proofs, facts or figures more than anything else.

Headings- Use the proper headings in the content don’t underestimate the power of a heading in the content. Try to give different headings in your content as then it is easy for the reader to understand what he/she is reading. Use the keyword phrase at least once in the headings.

Sub Headings- Not only the heading but sub – headings are also very important for a pillar post. Both heading and the sub – headings give the comfort to the readers about what they are reading now and it also keeps them focused on the topic.

Call to Action

If you are writing a product review or a service review then you don’t want to let this opportunity go. In a cornerstone content, you are solving the problem of someone. Now in the article, you are giving your readers an idea to use the product you used before or service you used before then it’s the perfect time to put a call to action but right there in the post.


This will lead to many clicks and maybe some buyers too. And if you don’t promote any services or product still you can put a call to action button such as subscribe to our newsletter or anything to grab the reader’s email address.



A cornerstone content is not completed without a conclusion. A conclusion can bring your readers to a point after they read out the article. A conclusion is a brief note to tell your readers what they read till now and why the solution you offer is the best for the problem they are facing. Also, the call to action button will work beside the conclusion part of the topic.

Length and Time

It is always said that go for the quality, not the quantity. The condition for the most valued post is also the same that write the quality article but also write it long enough to solve all the problems of your readers. Try to give a brief introduction to them about the main keyword phrase on which you choose the topic. Then tell them the pros. and cons. of that in a brief after that tell them why this problem occurs.


Then give them the solution in brief. That’s what I did in this article too. It is a full article about the cornerstone content and till now I am 70% done with the content it’s still around 2000 words long. A pillar post must be at least 1800 to 2800 words long. This is not compulsory though as it depends on your topic too.

And it’s not like that you need to write the article in just a few hours, the most valued post demands time to think, research, put the facts together, find the right images, etc.

So take your time but when you are ready with the article, it must be a quality article with the most valuable content in it.


When everything in the article is fine then you don’t want to lag behind just because of the media you use in your post. So try to find out the relevant images for your pillar post.


Not only the best relevant images but also the graphs, videos, slides if you have access to any.

And how to forget using infographics in your article. Infographics give the awesome and different feel to your post. If your article is long enough then you can use the infographics too as that will be easy for the reader to use and understand what you want to say on the topic.

So choose your media files wisely for the pillar content.

Internal & External Links


When you are writing a problem – solving content on your blog, there might be a few or some resources from where you are taking the help. And there are also a few things that you have written before on your blog.

So you need to play safely and wisely with the links both inbound and outbound.

First of all, you need to give the external links to the sources or high authority sites which helped you to get the facts and figures or even content. Then you need to do the proper interlinking of the article to your various blog post. This might help your reader to stay on your site for long and help them to gain more knowledge from the external links.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When it comes to writing a topic on a blog then you can never take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of the equation. It is as important as the quality content which needs  9 marvelous elements to make it stand out among the top in the list.


Even you can change the headline of your topic for the search engines by the use of SEO. You need to add the best SEO plugin like Yoast or All in One SEO and that’s it. Both these top-class SEO plugins give you the option to write the SEO title for your post.

So you can write a different title for the search engine bots enriched with the keywords. Similarly, write the best description for the search engine bots with the keyword phrase in it and giving the idea to the readers what is in the post.

Also, use the meta tags in the post, and fill up the alt text for the images too. All and all just do the complete SEO check before publishing the cornerstone content on your blog.

Share & Promote MVP

When your keyword enriched pillar content is ready with the awesome quality and real facts/figures just publish it after a double-check for the mistakes. And as soon as you publish the article share it on all the social media platforms you use.


Sharing is very important in this fast-moving world of social sites. And don’t stop after sharing the content try to promote your most valuable post on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. These sites will bring huge traffic to your site if you promote your cornerstone content perfectly.

Final Thoughts on Cornerstone Content

So a cornerstone content is nothing but a detailed problem – solving article on your blog. This article not only help your readers but it will also help you. Your blog may be flooded with huge traffic, some authority backlinks, tons of social signals and a lot more subscribers.

All you need to do is to follow the tips to write the cornerstone content and keep it natural and for the readers which are always a priority.

So this is all about the “Cornerstone Content and 11 proven tips to write a Cornerstone Content like a Pro.” 

Hope you enjoyed this article very much and will try to write as many cornerstone contents as possible in near future and grab the top spot in the Google rankings for your researched keywords.

If you still have any questions about the cornerstone content then feel free to ask in the comments.

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