Are you aware of the fact “how to make WordPress SEO friendly” or “what are the essential WordPress settings.” Many of you or maybe almost all of you newbie bloggers are not aware of this. And that’s why we bring you the detailed article about making your CMS (which is WordPress in this case) SEO friendly by doing the essential WordPress settings.

You just bought a unique domain name, host it on a good hosting provider service and just installed the WordPress on it is not the only thing you need to do before start writing your first blog post.

Before writing your first ever blog article, you need to perform some of the settings that will make your WordPress SEO friendly and by doing the proper settings every time you publish any of the posts on your blog almost all of the search engines across the world will notice it that something got posted in your blog.

So now let me tell you in detail about the settings that need to be done after installing te WordPress.

Delete default page, post, comment

Whenever you installed a fresh WordPress and visit the dashboard of your blog, you notice that there is already a default page, post, and comment there. So the first step is to remove these three default things.

To delete the post, go to Comments and remove the default comment from there.

After that go to Pages>All Pages and from there eliminate the Sample of default Page.

Similarly, go to Posts>All Posts and from there delete the default Hello World post.


Additional Tip – And in addition to all this, go to Categories and change the Uncategorized to your default Category Name.

Change the Site Title, Tagline and Time Zone

All these three changes can be made at one single place, and that’s why it is combined in a single step.

First of all, go to Settings>General and there modify the Site Title to what you want to use like I used Blogging Vines which is my blog name.

After making the change to the Site Title, write down the proper tagline for your blog that gives your site a catchphrase, slogan or punchline as I used – Solution for WordPress, Digital, and Affiliate Marketing. This tagline easily tells the viewers that this blog is dedicated to solving the problems related to the above mentioned three.

Now move on to the time zone. Modifying the time zone to your place will help you to schedule the post in future as per your home time zone.


After that save the changes made by you.

Additional Tip – You need to check or uncheck the “membership box.” If you want the viewers to join your blog, then you can check it and set the “new user default role.” If you want that you only yourself will handle the blog then uncheck the “membership box.”

Set the Permalink

It is crucial for you to make the change to your blogs permalink address that can be seen by the viewers or the search engines. By default, the permalink of your WordPress blog is always –

AS we are here to make our WordPress SEO friendly, then the above – mentioned permalink of your blog is not SEO friendly. To make this permalink SEO friendly, you need to choose the best permalink setting.

So just go to Settings>Permalinks and there select the “Post Name” as your permalink which will help you to use keywords enriched headline in the permalink.


After that just Save the changes made to the permalink settings.

Give the Shape to the Reading Settings

After you are done with the permalink settings, the next step is to setup the reading settings that will give shape to the readability of your blog, means how your blog will look to the readers/viewers.

Go to Settings>Reading there you need to choose how your front page will be displayed. Select “Your Latest Post” and then move forward.


When you are done with the above settings then just Save the changes made to Reading settings.

Additional Tip – You can also choose how many posts you want to show on the front page of your blog after which the pagination will appear. Just go to “Blog pages show at most” and write the number of post in the box that you want to show on the front page of your blog.

Configure the Comment or Discussion Settings

Comments are really vital when it comes to giving your viewers an opportunity to write down their thoughts on your blog. So just to configure the comment or discussion setting you need to go to Settings>Discussion

After that just set up your comment or discussion settings as per the below screenshot, as it is very complex to tell what to do here.

After that save the changes made here by you.

Additional Tip – After configuring the settings scroll down to the bottom and go to Avatar Display and confirm that it is checked. Also, check that the Maximum Rating will be selected to “G which is suitable for all audiences.” And in the Default Avatar, you can choose which type of Avatar will be shown for the person who doesn’t have any avatar on his profile and will comment on your blog.

WordPress Ping List Setting

Last but the important one is the WordPress Ping List Setting, that will help your latest post to get pinged to most of the sites that you are submitted to the ping list.

By default there is only one ping list in the WordPress, so to make the change to the WordPress Ping List you need to go to Settings>Writing and there on scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there you will find a box under the “Update Services.”


After that save the updates that you submit here on the ping list.

Additional Tip – Keep the WordPress Ping List updated on a regular basis so that your latest blog post will be reached to the maximum number of sites or search engines.

Wrap Up

Just installing the WordPress to your domain is not enough to start a successful blog. It is vital to make the changes to the default settings of your WordPress and set up your WordPress and make your WordPress SEO friendly so that as soon as you publish an article on your blog, it will go to the top of the search engines within no time.

So to make your CMS SEO friendly you need to do the following things-

  • Remove Default Comment, Page, and Post.
  • Change the Site Title, Tagline, and Time Zone.
  • Set the Permalink for the best SEO friendly option.
  • Set the Reading and the Discussion Settings.
  • And most important Update the WordPress Ping List.

And this is not enough to make the WordPress SEO friendly by configuring the essential WordPress settings, but you need WordPress must have Plugins you might install on your blog.

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