So you are here to know or rather learn SEO, so I welcome you to the Blogging Vines for a full article on What is SEO for Beginners or Newbies.

Before starting the main topic, I want to make it clear, in this article, I am just assuming that you are a beginner and a newbie who doesn’t know anything about the SEO because this is an exclusive article about SEO for Newbies and Beginners only.

But you can also read or enjoy it if you do know something or everything about SEO, maybe you also learn something, or maybe you find out something that I missed and let me know in the comment section.

So let us begin, What is SEO: A beginners guide to Search Engine Optimization…

What is SEO?

SEO is the backbone of a website or blog that helps the interested visitors from all over the world to access your site through search engines. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and as the name say it, this technique is used to optimize your website as per the search engine guidelines.

Or in simple words, SEO is a way to make your website results shown in search engines like Google, Bing, Edge, etc.
So what SEO do is that it gives the user the desired result for a search query when it asks the search engine. So it’s crucial to make your website SEO friendly. By that, it will be easy for the search engine bots to easily crawl your site and make it appear on the first page of Google if your website’s SEO is good.

Now comes the scenario that how you can make your site SEO friendly, so for that, I am going to tell you some steps that will make your website SEO friendly. You had heard almost all of them, but I am going to explain them to you so that you can understand in an easy way.

WordPress SEO Optimization


It is always important to clean your house before cleaning your whole area, in the same way, it is important to make your CMS (which is WordPress in this case) SEO friendly before anything else. With the best WordPress optimization settings, you need not worry more about the off page or major on page SEO techniques.

But you can’t rely only on the WordPress optimization. So both On – Page and Off – Page SEO techniques are also necessary but first as a newbie you need to make the WordPress SEO friendly.

By making the WordPress SEO optimized you have done the initial setup of your site that need not be changed regularly as WordPress optimization for best SEO results is a one-time setup.

It covers the general setting of your WordPress, URL setting, installing best WordPress must have plugins, and much more. All these best WordPress settings will help you to rank your new blog in the search engines. Installing WordPress is a 5 minutes procedure but setting it up in a manner that your WordPress becomes SEO friendly is a somewhat bigger task than just installing and start working on the new site.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research portrays the contents of a Web page, and it is the main word around which your whole article will be written. Just when you optimize your WordPress with the SEO settings now all you need is to perform a keyword research task. Keyword Research is a most important and valuable job in the SEO optimization of your blog. It’s better to rank for a keyword that has the high volume of searches rather than to rank for a keyword.

So all you need is to open up the best Keyword Research tool (e.g. Google Keyword Planner, SEMRUSH, SpyFu, LongTailPro, etc.) and search for the right keyword related to your niche. These days people often choose the long tail keywords to target and get the results they want.

What you have to do is to collect the best keywords with high search volumes and low difficulty and then use them in your article with some synonyms or added adjectives.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is one of the best and first SEO technique, that not only grow traffic to your site with time but also enhance the PA, DA, TA,  etc. of your website. If the On Page SEO of your site is on the right track and then there is more than half of the job done for making your site a successful one.

So this technique is one of the most important in SEO and to do it just you need a quality piece of content every time with some necessary precautions like optimizing the images added to the content, optimizing the pdf and any type of add-on in the content.

This will make your article the best one to rank in the search engines like the giant Google. As Google says “Content is the King.” So your primary focus should always be on creating the quality content that should be beneficial for you to rank higher in the search engines and also for your viewers or readers as they got the best content to read out for their query.

By giving your viewers the quality piece of content, you are converting those incoming viewers into permanent readers. And they will be your lifelong readers as long as you stick to the right On Page SEO technique that is “Content is the King.”

Always keep in mind that there is hardly anything in the world that is not available over the internet. A 100% unique article is a myth. So whenever I say a unique article that means grab the information from the web by visiting three – four different sources and then write down your informative, unique article in your own way and words without copying any line from any of the sources.

Off Page SEO

Last but not the least another SEO technique is Off Page SEO. If you followed all the above techniques then you can take the example as till now you optimized your CMS, searched for the keywords, and you also write the proper quality content.

Now all you need to do is to promote your content and linking it to the best sites across the world by creating the unique high PR authority backlinks to that landing page of yours. Remember that just creating a fabulous piece of content is not enough to get ranked in the search engines.

Though “Content is King” but “Backlinks are Queen” so after writing the post just give your 10-20 minutes to do proper Off Page SEO.

First of all, after writing and publishing the creative and unique article on your blog try to share it on as many social websites as possible especially Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Scoop-It, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Google+ and much more. Also, be regular on these social networking sites and try to follow, like, comment and share others work too. Because more you support real people some of them will follow you back, more you like someone’s work some of them will also give back you a like for your job too, and same will be the case with sharing.

So be a regular member on the social networking sites and give your 20 minutes daily to these social websites and that will help your blog to grow. Social Media is a great source of traffic these days, and it is usually the primary traffic source to your blog when you are not rocking the search engines.

Secondly, after giving the 10-20 minutes to the social sharing part, try to create the unique, high – quality do-follow and no-follow backlinks to your article from the relevant websites or blogs. As relevancy is crucial these days because it is of no use if you are making backlinks from an entertainment website for your gadget or technology related blog.

Thirdly, you need to write some articles on the same topic or topic related to your current post and then try to do guest posting on some high authority blogs, submit some articles to authority websites by placing the link to your current post in those articles.

Creating 3 quality do-follow, three no-follow, one or two guest blogging, two article submission backlinks and many social signals (social sharing) for a unique article will not only help to rank that individual article in the search engines but also take your blog on a whole to higher position in your niche in the search engine results.

Wrap Up

The primary concern in knowing what is SEO? It is the process that you follow. If you jump straight to On Page or Off Page without knowing anything about the WordPress SEO optimization, Keyword research then you will learn something but feel it difficult to grow or rank shortly.

So it is better to go step by step.

  • WordPress SEO Optimization – It is quite important to make your WordPress SEO friendly so that the second you publish your article all the search engines around the world will come to know that you posted something on your blog.
  • Keyword Research – It is the first step of SEO process. Because before writing anything you should aware of what to write and what to not. So a research of sometimes can give you impressive results in the long run, and you can outreach your competitors.
  • On Page SEO – “Content is King, ” and it always will be. So be unique and by being unique, I mean to say that try to write the post in your own way and words without copying anything. Because everything is out there over the internet but by collecting information and writing it in your own words and way you can make it a unique piece.
  • Off Page SEO – “Backlinks are Queen,” and it is imperative to share your articles over the social sites, create quality backlinks for them, write some quality posts and submit them to authority article publishing sites and also do guest posting by placing a link to your current article in between.

Hope you get all the points covered and if still, you don’t understand any particular topic then just feel free to contact us or comment below. I will try to help you out and make blogging and SEO simple for you.

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